There are a shocking number of examples of referendums simply being ignored within the European Union – disregarding the will of the electorate. This is the case even on the rare occasions national governments bother to ask the general public their opinion. Too often politicians decide constitutional changes on our behalf, thinking it best not to burden us with such decisions! 

While the hard work of anti-Federalist campaigners secured the Referendum on our EU membership on 23rd June 2016 when we emphatically voted to Leave, it now means the United Kingdom will remain tied to the EU until 2020 at the earliest.

This considerable lag time allows the Machiavellian EU, and the intrigue of arch-Remainers - like the reviled former Labour Prime Minister, Tony Blair, George Soros, Richard Branson and others - the opportunity to work towards disregarding our historic Brexit vote.

While Brexit may seem a fait accompli, a ‘Real’ Brexit has still to be agreed – 17 months after the Referendum result. As the EU’s history of referendums show, they don’t let a democratic mandate stand in their way!

The results of referendums over the decades now mean the EU is possibly the most democratically rejected organisation on earth, as the European public have continually rejected additional European integration.

From the Danes’ rejection of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, the EU has used a mixture of propaganda, false concessions and outright ignoring results to override these democratic ‘mistakes’, as it sees them.

In 2001 for example, Ireland voted against the Nice Treaty, but just over a year later was ordered by the EU to re-run the vote, just as the Danes had been. With a massive influx of EU political assistance, the ‘Yes’ campaign won, and the Treaty was passed. For the EU, re-running referendums until it achieves the result it wants, is simply part and parcel of governing. 

To the Great British Public, the EU’s understanding of democracy is an anathema. Re-running referendums until their desired results are delivered is not democracy. It’s simply a tool of tyrannical bureaucrats.

Holding second referendums hardly differs from re-running elections in which the political elite lose. This behaviour is more suited to a banana republic than what should be happening in the cradle of democracy. Europe’s very foundations are built upon the idea of democracy, but the EU continues to show nothing but contempt for this concept.

In 2005, it was the turn of the French and Dutch to give the EU establishment a bloody nose, which they did by voting against the European Constitution in their respective referendums. The Constitution was the EU’s first in a series of radical treaties designed to act as the heart of a single unified state, a first step on the road towards federalism. 

Undeterred by this democratic rejection of their federalist aims, the EU simply rebranded the Constitution as the Lisbon Treaty. By quietly subsuming the European Constitution into ‘just another treaty’, the EU enabled national governments to override referendums where they had already occurred. They did this by falsely claiming to have conceded to the democratic majority, resulting in the EU supposedly changing the Treaty. In reality, the Constitution and the Lisbon Treaty are 90% the same, and only underwent a cleverly edit crafted to confuse the public!

This rebrand allowed the French and Dutch to pass the legislation at Parliamentary level, despite popular dissent. Even having rejected the Constitution - the Lisbon Treaty in all but name - they were still forced to accept it, without the EU even going to the trouble of forcing them to vote again! By changing the Constitution’s name, but not its nature, the EU was able to disregard negative referendum results, and disingenuously claim to have ‘listened’ to the people.

The EU’s willingness to disregard referendum results by any means possible, should worry even the most ardent Brexiteers. For us (provided pressure is maintained), Britain will officially leave the EU in March 2019. However, as the EU’s duplicitous history shows, they are likely to attempt to offer us a ‘Brexit in name only’ deal. This would see us continuing to pay significant sums of money into the EU budget every year, as well as maintaining the primacy of EU law.

This must not be allowed to happen.

We must hold the Government to account over Brexit, and refuse to accept simply cosmetic changes – such as post-Brexit regulatory alignment. While the EU clearly has no respect for referendum results, the UK’s clear rejection of the EU in our Referendum must come to fruition.  

It is vital we Get Britain Out of the EU, and the Government must ensure Brexit means leaving the Single Market, Customs Union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ. Anything else would be a capitulation to Brussels, and would simply serve as another example of the EU circumnavigating the results of a referendum s they simply do not approve of.