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Posicionamiento estratégico

Marruecos: ¿apoyo o amenaza para Europa?

Pevida Franco 28.09.2020.

NextGen EU: Repair and Prepare

NextGen EU: For Italy, is about keeping bad old habits alive

28 September 2020

Inmigración: ¿oportunidad o amenaza?

Pevida Franco 27.09.2020.

Effektiv miljöpolitik

Klimatet räddas inte med totalitära metoder

Jessica Stegrud MEP 27.09.2020.

Socialdemokratins framtid

Kan S hitta tillbaka till verkligheten?

Dick Erixon 27.09.2020.

Två år till valet

Opinionsläget så här halvtid in i mandatperioden

Dick Erixon 27.09.2020.

The EU's Pharma Strategy

Making Europe fit for Medical Innovation

Fred Roeder & Phil Stevens 23 September 2020

Innovation at stake

Brazil at the crossroads: Court ruling might jeopardize consumers’ access to innovation

Fred Roeder & Fabio Fernandes 21 September 2020

With privacy sights set on the USA as opposed to China, European lawmakers may be creating economically disastrous data silos, and missing the real threat of Chinese encroachment.

ECJ Privacy Ruling has Huge Costs

David Clement 21 September 2020

Sonny Perdue

Interview with US Secretary of Agriculture

The Conservative 16 September 2020

energy from reliable partners

Why it is now time to stop Nord Stream 2

Fred Roeder 15 September 2020