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International Content

Does Diamond’s Scheme Fit?

How to Deal with a National Crisis

Hannes H. Gissurarson 15 June 2021

Obesity in the EU

Junk food ad bans don’t work

Maria Chaplia 15 June 2021

Il blocco dei licenziamenti

Daniele Funicelli 14.06.2021.


Roky a epochy

Roman Joch 14.06.2021.

Asyl i Europa

Flera länder kan följa Danmark om asylprocess i Afrika

Dick Erixon 14.06.2021.

woke versus reading

Decerebrarea ,,woke’’ a indivizilor

Daniel Uncu 12.06.2021.

Coping with Crises

Jared Diamond’s UPHEAVAL

Hannes H. Gissurarson 12 June 2021

Illicit trade in Ireland

Illicit trade is booming: what can be done

Maria Chaplia 11 June 2021


Stop the bailouts

Fred Roeder 11 June 2021

Digital taxation

The EU should drop the Digital Services Tax

Luca Bertoletti 10 June 2021