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The lasting effects of the Diesel controversy

Bill Wirtz 12 April 2021

Illicit trade

Fake pesticides threaten consumer health

Bill Wirtz 6 April 2021

Digital policy

Is inclusive volume for Spotify soon history?

Adam Mazik 18 February 2021

Work rules for the new economy

Uber is right: recognise independent platform workers

Yaël Ossowski 16 February 2021


Oxfam’s miscalculations on global wealth

Bill Wirtz 11 February 2021


The worrying return of protectionism

Guillaume M. Same 10 February 2021

Energy policy

Climate change, nuclear power and security

Adam Mazik 9 February 2021

Food policy

Red meat is not the enemy

Bill Wirtz 6 February 2021


Understanding “hazard” and “risk”

Bill Wirtz 29 January 2021