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Europe Debates

Crimean Platform: International Response to Occupation

The fifteenth webinar in "Europe Debates" series...

Since March 2014 the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine has been illegally occupied by the Russian Federation. For the last six years, Russian forces have occupied the territory, drastically changing the way of life for the people living there. Since the occupation people have been forced to switch nationality, language and even time zone as Russia seeks to wipe out any previous connection Crimea had to Ukraine.

The people who have perhaps suffered the most through this period have been the Crimean Tatars. The ancient inhabitants of the peninsula have been forced from their homes, with those who have dared to speak out facing long prison terms. Now more than ever, the Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian people need the support of the Euro-Atlantic community.

On the seventh anniversary of the Euromaidan protests and ahead of the anniversary of the occupation of Crimea, the ECR Party is organising this webinar, with the support of the Ukrainian Mission to the European Union. Join us for Europe Debates: The Occupation of Crimea, with leading politicians from Europe and Ukraine as we discuss what more can be done to support the Ukrainian people, and those living under Russian occupation in Crimea.

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