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[Re]Discovering Conservatism

Douglas Murray: Insanity of the Woke Left

New Direction's and Fundacion Civismo's webcast series that will seek to revisit conservative approaches to the most pressing policy and political issues of our time, in Europe and beyond....

The Culture Wars that Conservatives can’t Avoid

The deep assumptions in our society about the role of gender, race and identity are slowly shifting underfoot—and conservatives risk being annihilated in the culture if they don’t face up to the threat. In “The Madness of Crowds” (2020)—which he discusses in this interview with Jorge González-Gallarza—Douglas Murray not only traces back the post-Marxist foundations of critical race theory and other woke nonsense. He also picks apart these woke claims for what they are: bigotry disguised as tolerance. Douglas’ book has been Sunday Times book of the year and has featured on that paper’s bestseller list.

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