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Europe Debates

Uyghur Rights

The fourteenth webinar in "Europe Debates" series...

Over the last decade – the Chinese Communist Party has treated Uyghur people with increased suspicion and hostility. This has resulted in an unprecedented erosion of human rights and . Today – the Uyghur people are some of the most violently repressed in the world. Nearly 2 million Uyghur people are currently illegally held in internment camps across the Xinjiang province. Under repressive laws passed by the Chinese Communist Party Uyghurs have seen their dignity stripped of them. No longer are Uyghurs allowed to marry in religious ceremonies, pray in their places of worship, speak their own language, eat their own food, travel outside of their region, or assemble in groups larger than three.

Despite all this, the European Union has been slow to respond when it comes to introducing new sanctions against the Chinese regime. Meanwhile, the United States, UK and Australia have all introduced sanctions in relation to crimes against Uyghurs. We ask our panel what the European Union needs to do? How can the EU better support Human Rights in China? And what can be done to target the Communist regime?

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